Spray Foam Roofing for Buffalo, NY

At RIBCO Inc., we pride ourselves in bringing Buffalo and Rochester, NY and Northern PA roofs to new levels of energy efficiency. One of the unique roofing services that we provide is our spray foam roofing. Not only is it green, but it has proven its cost benefits time and again.

<center>Taking energy efficiency to new heights</center>

Taking energy efficiency to new heights

RIBCO Inc. Spray Polyurethane Foam or “SPF” Roofing can be considered a green solution for roofing. That’s because SPF Roofs have an indefinite life cycle and lower maintenance costs. They contain no ozone-depleting chemicals and they add to the durability of buildings. But perhaps the most impressive thing about adding an SPF Roof to your building is that it will help save on energy costs. It provides superior insulation and reflective coatings so you can reduce your heating and cooling costs by 30% or more.

<center>Never need a new roof again.</center>

Never need a new roof again.

Nobody tops the quality of a RIBCO Inc. roof, and we’ve got the track record to prove it. Our clients can expect their RIBCO Inc. SPF Roof to be maintenance and repair free for 20 years or more between re-coatings. Our innovative, self-flashing system seals the gaps around vents, pipes, HVAC equipment, skylights and other building irregularities to eliminate damage due to water leaks. But that’s just one of the reasons it’s the only roof you’ll ever need:

•Seamless finish
•No fasteners required, no holes in the deck, no “thermal shorts”
•34-year proven track record
•Installed by certified professionals
•Use of supplier/distributor warranties
•No business shutdown during application
•M Class “A” approvals/UL I-180 Tested

For more information about our spray foam roofing solution, call us today at 716-883-1421.