Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I need to replace my roof again in 10 years?

A: No. An SPF roof has an indefinite lifecycle and will never need to be replaced. Your roof will be virtually the same at 10 years as it was upon installation. You may need a re-coat in the 18-25 year range, at which time a new warranty will be issued.

Q: There are cheaper commercial roofing systems; why should I choose SPF for my commercial roof?

A: Our SPF roofing system is very competitive. With indefinite renewability and the energy savings our system will provide, an SPF roof has the LOWEST LIFECYCLE COST of all systems currently on the market.

Q: Have you ever had a problem with your system not working?

A: Any roofer who says they've never had a leak is not telling the truth. That being said, our company does not maintain a repair crew due to the extremely low occurrence of problems with our system. If any concerns arise, we are onsite within 24 hours to address them.

Q: What if the weather is bad?

A: Inclement weather does affect our installation process.

Q: What if I only need a portion of my roof replaced now?

A: We are very flexible in working with our customers to determine if the roof should be replaced in sections.

Q: Are you insured?

A: Absolutely. Insurance certificates are issued to every customer before we begin the installation process.

Q: Can you cover any irregularities on the roof?

A: Yes! This is actually one of our strong points. Since SPF is a spray-applied system, we can make irregularities watertight better than any other system.

Q:What equipment do we need to supply?

A: In most cases, our process is self contained.

Q: Is SPF safe for the environment?

A: This system is absolutely safe. There are no ozone-depleting ingredients in the foam. Also, since the system is indefinitely renewable and does not require a tear-off in most situations, we are not adding to landfills.

Q: How much weight will the SPF system add to my existing roof?

A: An SPF roof weighs less than 1 pound per square foot. Not only is the system lightweight, it will also add strength to your roofing system.

Q: Can you walk on foam roofing?

A: Absolutely! With over 10 million square feet installed on flat and low-sloped roofs, people have been walking all over our roofs since 1977.

Q: How easy is it to repair?

A: Very easy. With the few amount of repairs we have had, a tube of silicone caulk gets you back to a warranted system 99% of the time.