Industrial & Spray Foam Roofing in Buffalo, NY

Experience the difference for your business!

When it comes to commercial and industrial green roofing, no one compares to us at RIBCO Inc.. When we opened our doors in 1977, we knew that we wanted to provide a better and safer roofing service for the businesses of Buffalo and Rochester, NY and Northern PA. Over the years, our loyal clients have taught us that they too believe in green roofing solutions.

It all starts at the top

RIBCO Inc. is a family business that started with a simple idea—there is a better way to roof. In 1977, George W. Wopperer saw an opportunity to apply spray foam as a roofing material on commercial buildings to provide seamless insulation, weatherproofing and a longer-lasting product than traditional commercial roofing materials. It was so successful, that what began as a specialty service in the family insulation business became the foundation for today’s RIBCO Inc.. More than 30 years later, sons Anton and George C. Wopperer continue providing roofing solutions that exceed expectations—with the same eye for innovation and desire to deliver superior solutions to their customers.

Our spray foam roofing is completely green and when you need green roofing solutions in Buffalo and Rochester, NY and Northern PA that exceed expectations and are delivered with supreme service, then it’s time to call RIBCO Inc. at 716-883-1421.

Offering Flat Roof Repairs

Our roofing contractors are skilled when it comes to flat roof repairs. We know what to look our for and what problems typically arise with a flat roof, so if you've got a leak just give us a call. We have fixed flat roofs all over the Buffalo, NY area.